It’s Not Fair! (2) 🤼 🏳️‍⚧️

Part Two

Sports: What do we value? What are our priorities? Should we rethink our attitudes?

  • Male athletes have been dominating girls’ high school track and field events in Connecticut.Yes. You heard that right.”
  • “Two male athletes who identify as female have won 15 women’s high school track championships that were once held by nine different girls in the state of Connecticut.”
  • “Young women are losing athletic opportunities, dreams of competing at the next level, and even potential scholarships.”
  • “Is this the end for women’s athletics?”
  • “Those who dare to question whether biological males should be allowed to complete against females are ridiculed and bullied. Transgender activists lashed out against tennis legend Martina Navratilova when she wrote that a biological man competing as a woman is “cheating.”
  • “Thankfully, female athletes like Selina Soule, Chelsea Mitchell, and Alanna Smith are taking a public stand against the harmful policies that allow this to happen.”
  • If we accept that it is possible that trans women/girls can hypothetically have some physical advantages over their cisgender peers, then we have to also recognize that the differences alone do not always determine the outcome of a race or match before they have even begun.
  • If we maintain that women’s sports will be overrun by transgender athletes and that young women will be sidelined and lose the opportunity to excel, then we must back that claim up with evidence, not to ‘cry wolf’ about a problem that may not really be there at all. If a problem does arise, then we should deal with the specific context and individuals rather than resorting to ill-conceived reactions such as blanket bans on all trans participants.
  • If we believe that marginalizing one group to protect another is legitimate, then we only have to look at history and the world today to see how destructive and futile that is for everyone, including those in power. Exclusion may seem like a justifiable or expedient solution, and many states in the US have recently enacted various trans exclusionary laws, but there will be pushback and eventually these ‘victories’ built upon power and privilege will unravel.
  • If we believe that not all children and young people deserve equal consideration and care if they do not conform to our standards, then we have to recognize and take responsibility for the immense damage we have inflicted on innocent lives for the sake of our own beliefs.
  • If we can rationalize the damage, then we might have to think twice about our values or ask if our actions truly reflect our values.



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Sylvie Kay

Sylvie Kay

Trans woman whose glass is always half full.